Catherine H. Underwood, MBA CAE

Catherine Underwood strives to meet the goals of her client organizations with strong strategic planning, efficient and effective board and staff development, and extensive experience in hospital administration. Catherine’s transition from hospital administrator of 25 years to executive director of various healthcare organizations has been smooth.

She has skillfully used her experience in the hospital setting to better understand the needs of the healthcare professionals she works with every day in the association world. Catherine asserts that the switch from “power of the pen” to “influencer” has been a welcome progression in her career. With her move to associations, Catherine was able to hold on to everything she loved about the hospital setting—working with healthcare professionals, strategic planning, and facilitating growth.

While Catherine is happy to have kept her hand in health care, her greatest success is the team she has assembled at AMC. “They are the best at what each of them does—education, operations, and marketing—and they all work so well together. There is a great synergy,” states Catherine proudly. Her team has adeptly supported three clients during her time at AMC.

For now, she is looking forward to shifting her focus solely to the American Pain Society (APS). The society is ready to enter into new arenas (e.g., advocacy, education) and Catherine is poised to help facilitate APS’s growth in structure, size, and influence.