Jeff Engle

Jeff Engle, AMC principal, is so focused on mission that he set aside prepared questions for this bio, most having to do with his past achievements, and gently suggested that we talk about the future and how AMC's culture helps clients "achieve what they believe." With that, he delved into how clients’ success is built on trusting relationships.

"The equation goes something like this," he said. "First, honesty and competence form the base on which to build trust. The more that trust develops between AMC staff and volunteer leaders, the more everyone gains confidence to be creative and passionate about the organization’s mission. Often, new clients pick up quickly on AMC's competence and integrity, either when they tour our professionally run office or when they first receive expertly produced materials and agenda for a board meeting."

Success is further built on having a solid infrastructure in place, including robust technology throughout every department of AMC. With it, "we're able to deliver more than what an individual client needs. Together, our clients gain from the scale, scope, and horsepower of our infrastructure at a shared cost."

Finally, AMC hires people who are "smart, humble, passionate, and caring," said Jeff. "My job is to do whatever I can to attract these people and then let them flourish and apply their talents to the client's mission."

The equation adds up to a win-win-win for everyone—clients, staff members, and AMC.