Jeff Engle

Jeff Engle, principal at AMC, has always believed in AMC’s mission of forming lasting relationships with the clients to help them achieve their aim—a belief that has steeped into his work ethic and leadership style. He is honored to have watched and fostered so many staff members growing into leadership and executive director roles. Giving his staff autonomy, yet always available to offer his own expertise, Jeff understands the unique challenges and opportunities that the executive directors face and is always striving to connect leaders based on their shared experiences. Jeff prefers a relational leadership style in which staff form open and honest relationships to establish a high degree of trust with AMC’s clients. As much as he believes in AMC caring for its client partners, Jeff also believes in promoting an atmosphere where colleagues care for each other.

In the vein of helping both client partners and employees flourish, Jeff works to ensure AMC’s continued high integrity and customer-intimate approach. He wants AMC to be successful, but the missions of the client partner associations are equally important to him. “Being passionate about what you’re doing really makes a difference,” he says. And Jeff is passionate about working with nine client teams and seeing them succeed in their individual missions.

Outside of work, Jeff is active in his church and several ministries. He loves spending time with his growing family, hitting a long drive, and finding a big Snook in the mangroves. He helped spearhead Solid Rock Carpenters with his brother Scott, and both are passionate about taking part in good stewardship by helping people in a hurting world.