Joél Payne

Joél Payne, executive director of AMC’s Professional Relations and Development Team, found her way into the association world via working in business development, sponsorships, and industry relations at the American Society of Plastics Surgeons, the Plastic Surgery Foundation, and the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Though she has also worked at for-profit companies, she has a soft spot for the membership model of associations: it allows more feedback from the members, rather than from a corporation, and that kind of “customer first” model turns innovation toward meeting the member needs. Another appeal of the association industry is the systems process and the people with whom she gets to collaborate; she combines her love of working with association clients and using creativity and innovation in management into a paradigm with many facets of clients and role functions.

Her sales, marketing, and psychology background have weaved together into a drive for understanding her team members’ personal motives and leveraging motivation to deliver results. In a role that oversees many team members who work with a variety of vendors for AMC’s diverse clients, this tuning into personal motivation and leading people to determine the right result for themselves makes a big difference for an executive director and leader. As Joél explains it, “Perspective is critical, especially when working together to achieve a goal. It’s important to listen and encourage participation when problem solving. If you are invested in the solution, you are motivated to embrace it which leads to success for everyone, especially the client.”

Outside of AMC, Joél enjoys traveling off the beaten path, hiking, gardening, and running 5Ks.