Lance Mueller

Lance Mueller, executive director of the Palliative Care Quality Collaborative (PCQC), has 20-plus years of experience in business strategy, operations, and working with physicians, healthcare payers, healthcare IT vendors, and domestic and international associations on their clinical registries. He blends both business and technological skills to inspire teams to reach their full potential, take an all-encompassing view at processes, and improve and initiate healthcare quality registries. Of such registries, he says, “Joining a national collaborative can help you improve locally and make palliative care better for everyone. Together we help everyone be better.”

Before coming to AMC, Lance worked at the American Medical Association, where he led the Healthcare Quality team and was responsible for helping physicians leverage data to improve business sustainability, and served as director of registries at the Anesthesia Quality Institute. One of his proudest accomplishment is setting up the anesthesia registry program that, through research, helped improve patient outcomes. Given that the anesthesia registry program process has very strong parallels with PCQC, Lance is ecstatic to be working on another large healthcare registry that will improve quality for patients.

Though PCQC was just founded in 2019, Lance looks forward to establishing the organization as a registry that not only reacts and readjusts to changes in quality initiatives, but also takes the helm in determining quality care and, in turn, improving the way that patients are served and treated. He says, “The way we put PCQC together means we have a lot of information about palliative care programs. We’re not just looking from the ground-up but also from the top-down and connecting the dots to inform all of our processes. If you know all of the answers, where is the opportunity?”

Outside of AMC, Lance enjoys gardening, bicycling in Illinois’ forest preserves, and trying different kinds of craft beer.