Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE

Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE, principal of AMC, is not just goal-oriented; he’s passionate about attaining his goal to help association boards run more effectively and make timely and bold decisions. To him, it’s less about providing boards with past experience—more than 25 years in association leadership—and more about knowing how best to counsel them on development and effective decision-making for the future.

Mark received his Doctorate of Management from Case Western University in 2011, where he actively researched and collected data on how boards can use their limited time to make successful and significant decisions. Ultimately, his research will help provide an empirical-knowledge base on which to build professional association leadership nationwide—a position that is strongly supported by the ASAE & The Center, the national association of associations.

"To be timely and effective, associations need to work strategically rather than tactically," Mark says. As a trusted partner to clients, AMC staff provides boards with professional support and operational resources, including quality agendas and strategic plans. Board members can then use their valuable time to strategically discuss large and vital issues affecting their industry.

It's no surprise that, when asked, Mark says that his favorite role models are Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. Both were strategic, goal-oriented thinkers. "Lincoln brought a disparate cabinet together to work as a team in a crisis situation," Mark says. “Churchill never lost sight of his goal. He was dogmatic and he knew that the short-term cost was the price for avoiding devastation. He was the big-picture guy of all big-picture guys."