Michael Bourisaw

Michael Bourisaw, AMC’s director of professional relations and development, is more than a team player; he is a team playmaker who knows how to position AMC association clients to achieve their primary goal, whether it is providing exceptional patient-centered healthcare or business leadership. Bourisaw is a consummate team builder who brings to AMC vast experience in overcoming constraints to build consensus, much like one of his role models, Abraham Lincoln.

“I am committed to listening to others, building trust, and working to understand how people can work together to achieve goals,” Bourisaw says. “This is my approach with both clients and my colleagues.”

Bourisaw spent 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, through both boom and lean years, working his way from field sales rep, to senior manager, and then on to director of medical affairs by learning from and working with industry thought leaders. He then moved on to a leadership role in business development for a major nonprofit medical association, which, he notes, was “marked by passion and leadership from those members who drive the organization’s mission.”

In his new position, Bourisaw oversees AMC’s revenue streams outside of membership, including annual meetings, products, projects, grants, and advertising. He plans to devote much time meeting face-to-face with association partners to learn their strategic goals and, when appropriate, address how clients can work collaboratively to achieve common objectives. Meanwhile, he will continue to work closely with AMC staff to “listen, ask questions, and set priorities so that we can build programs that deliver alternative new solutions to clients” in seamless fashion.

Bourisaw is well suited to serving various types of associations. While his professional career is rooted in healthcare, he says that he “grew up in the trades” with a father who ran a successful plumbing business by establishing trusting relationships with customers. When it comes to relationship building, Bourisaw took valuable cues from his humble and hard-working dad.