Vish Kalambur

Vish Kalambur, CIO at AMC since 2016, believes in a results-oriented approach to technology, ensuring that client initiatives that need tech support attain desired business outcomes. At a high level, the CIO ensures that the company’s technology investments are driving business value for our clients, as well as advising them on technology trends and disruptions in the market of which they can take advantage. He makes sure that we bring technology innovation to our clients, align with their business strategy, and automate business processes and operations to drive efficiencies. When asked about his approach, Vish says, “Look at technology as a business-driver, look at technological disruptions as opportunities to improve and expand the business, and start with asking ‘why?’”

Beyond the operational side of technology, Vish feels a strong sense of integrity in his work. He updated and upgraded AMC’s technology footprint, and with a focus on enhancing the customer experience, successfully elucidated the technology strategy for clients to increase transparency and trust. He is actively working toward making technology a competitive differentiator for new clients by servicing them with world class infrastructure, data privacy, revenue generation, and of course, a positive customer experience.

Vish considers himself a servant leader, dedicated to giving purpose to the best talent. Both a facilitator and a collaborator, he is always open to listening to many ideas and new approaches to problem-solving, encouraging creative independence while removing roadblocks. He believes in doing work with intention, which is why he is proud to work with a company whose clients help others.

Always the eager learner, Vish enjoys reading business management books and action thrillers when he’s not spending time with his 3 children.