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Case Study: Consulting

AMC Catalyst Team Helps CDMS Better Understand Its Market


In 2014, the Certification of Disability Management Specialists Commission set out to grow its certification program. Originally rooted in the insurance industry, the practice area for disability management has grown. The Commission believed there was value in the certification, and that because of the evolving industry, opportunities for growth existed.

Historically, the CDMS Certification Program relied on organic growth, generated from word-of-mouth within the industry. No dedicated marketing plan had been implemented in several years, which resulted in a plateau of certificants.

To grow and strengthen the program, the Commission recognized the importance of understanding its current certificants to determine if there was a market for growth. The Commission needed to identify demographics associated with a CDMS certificant to identify a market of “like” individuals who were not certified and might benefit from certification. Understanding the current market and their position in that market would help to determine the level of investment required for growth.

CDMS turned to AMC’s Catalyst team to assist in identifying a process for determining its market share, which would lead to its marketing plan.


To move forward with their growth initiative, CDMS and the Catalyst team conducted market research to collect data that would serve to frame their next steps. The market research set out to understand the CDMS universe, calculate market share, and identify where opportunity for future growth exists. That research identified competing certification program, analyzed the perception of the CDMS certificatin and its value compared to other certificatins, and determined potential certificants.


As a result of the market research, CDMS found that its market share was only 13% of approximately 20,000 potential certificants. That meant there was significant opportunity for growth. The results also allowed CDMS to have actionable, spot-on messaging that could be used in its targeted marketing plan to speak to the benefits its current constituents find in having the certification.