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Case Study: Meetings

Clients Leverage AMC’s Growing International Meeting Planning Expertise 


With the growing interest in globalization, it’s important for associations to have access to meeting planners with international expertise.

For AMC client Professional Records and Information Services Management (PRISM) International, that international meetings expertise eluded them in their efforts before coming to AMC. With a Board of Directors and membership made up of companies based both domestically and internationally, holding meetings across the world is an important need.

In fact, in 2014 alone, PRISM held multiple international meetings to connect with its members overseas. These meetings, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Mumbai, India; Vienna, Austria; and Cusco, Peru, as well as an upcoming meeting in Hong Kong, have all been effectively planned and developed to provide maximum value for PRISM’s members.

According to PRISM’s executive director, Dave Bergeson, PhD CAE, “When PRISM first came to AMC and I became the group’s executive director, I knew I was fortunate to be part of an experienced team. In particular, our meeting professional, Darlene Somers, had managed international meetings before, and in fact serves on the Global Task Force for the Professional Convention Management Association. Not surprisingly, Darlene and our meetings team have been a key reason our meetings have been successful and our attendees have been engaged and happy."


AMC’s senior meetings manager Darlene Somers, CMP, has provided PRISM and other AMC clients with excellent expertise in planning its overseas (and domestic) meetings, working together with AMC’s significant hotel and hospitality industry contacts, to effectively find appropriate locations and sites to make the events a success. Having this expertise has allowed PRISM and other clients to expand their options for meetings to engage as many members as possible.


PRISM held a number of well-attended international meetings in 2013 and 2014, across four different continents—Amsterdam and Vienna (Europe), Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur (Asia), Cartagena, Colombia, Cancun, Mexico and Cusco, Peru (Latin America), and Brisbane (Australia). The PRISM European Conference is a prime example of success; AMC, with the help of strong volunteer leadership, turned the meeting around from a loss of approximately $60,000 to profitability in a span of about two years.

The planning for 2015’s International Asia Pacific Conference in Hong Kong, taking place in March is well underway, and the association is once again looking forward to another major success!