Zinat Ali and Katherine Ast to Co-Lead DEI Advisory Group

Zinat Ali and Katherine Ast to Co-Lead DEI Advisory Group


We’re excited to announce that Zinat Ali and Katherine Ast have been named as co-leads of AMC’s DEI Advisory Group. Formed in 2019, the DEI Advisory Group was created to expand opportunities for education, dialogue, and understanding about diverse experiences and perspectives within our workplace.

Zinat and Katherine will lead a team of 10 professionals from across disciplines at AMC who serve on the DEI Advisory Group. Passionate about ensuring all voices are welcome and heard, Zinat and Katherine bring diverse experiences and expertise to their leadership role that will enhance and advance AMC’s commitment to fostering an inclusive, equitable and diverse environment.

About the DEI Advisory Group Co-Leads

ZAli 100Zinat Ali is an operations coordinator for the Metal Construction Association, an association partner of  AMC. Her focus on DEI started in college through her work at the University of Illinois–Urbana Champaign’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion. She has been an active member of the DEI Advisory Group for the past year, including participating as a panelist in the first-ever AMC Women of Color panel. Zinat is used to walking into a room and immediately standing out for looking different. While that used to be very difficult, she hopes that through her co-leadership of DEI initiatives, she will perpetuate an environment in which people with all backgrounds and identities know they belong and that their voices matter.

Kat Ast Linkedin 100Katherine Ast is a senior manager of quality and research, serving as the director of quality for the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM), a client partner of AMC. Katherine is a licensed clinical social worker and specialist in quality and performance measure development. She is also pursuing her PhD in social work, focusing on amplifying patient and family voices within healthcare quality measurement; incorporating all disciplines to meet people’s social, emotional, medical, and spiritual needs in one place; and improving the lives of our most vulnerable populations. Within her role as co-leader of AMC’s DEI Advisory Group, Katherine hopes to increase understanding and foster authenticity, validation, and social action in the workplace.

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