Debbie Trueblood Leads Series on Courageous Ethical Leadership in Associations

Debbie Trueblood Leads Series on Courageous Ethical Leadership in Associations


AMC Senior Consultant Debbie Trueblood is leading a webinar series on Courageous Ethical Leadership in Associations April 17-19.

In this 3-part series, Debbie guides attendees on a journey that takes the question of ethics in associations and in their own leadership to a deeper level, addressing topics such as when it's appropriate to take risks, whether associations should be involved with social justice, how associations can pursue more meaningful change in the world, and how to ensure that associations serve all members in a way that is both inclusive and equitable, 

Ethics of Social Impact in Associations

Many associations practicing values-driven leadership are now confronted with difficult questions about the role associations should play in social justice. The first webinar in the Courages Ethical Leadership series looks at whether association boards should take a position on controversial social justice issues and what role they should play with ESG, social impact, sustainability, and environmental justice.

Ethics of Accessibility and Inclusion

The second webinar in the series follows the format of a fireside chat, with panelists sharing insights on how to support professionals in associations with disabilities as well as how to ensure associations are creating a culture where all members feel included, valued, and respected for their full contributions and have equitable access to opportunities.

Courageous Ethical Leadership

In moments of great change, leaders must rise to the situation and bravely take risks. The webinar series concludes by focusing on how to ensure in a time of authentic leadership that you can bring your values to work and create a culture of values-driven leadership.

Learn more about this series hosted by ASAE and register here.

Debbie Trueblood, MSW IOM CAE FASAE, has more than 20 years of leadership experience within the association management space, serving as an executive director for multiple healthcare and professional associations and holding various volunteer leadership positions, including chair of Association Forum’s Welcoming Environment Committee, member of the ASAE Executive Management Council, and past chair of the ASAE Ethics Committee, a role in which she led the team to publish a national ethics toolkit for associations.  

As a senior consultant at AMC, Debbie has parlayed the vast knowledge she’s acquired throughout her career to being a trusted strategic partner to associations looking to bring DEI into focus or traversing ethical or economic issues.

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