Ask the Young Professionals - Question of the Quarter

Ask the Young Professionals - Question of the Quarter

By Bruce Hammond, Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing & Communications

As we have done with our Management Team, we have plans to develop questions for our young professionals to answer on a quarterly basis. Here’s our first question, as well as answers from 10 AMC young professionals.

If one of your friends was considering joining the association industry, what would you tell them is the best thing about working for associations?

Emma Thompson, Digital User Experience Coordinator, National Association for Healthcare Quality

We have many volunteers that we get to work with and they make our work meaningful and rewarding. The people that have passion and drive and share the mission of the organization make interactions and day-to-day work enjoyable and exciting. With such a wonderful group supporting the organization, we can’t help but be successful in fulfilling our mission and elevating the profession we serve.

Mason Good-Turney, Member Services Representative

It is so diverse. One moment you are helping a trade client the next you are speaking with a doctor. You never know who you will speak to and how you can help them. It makes for a very exciting day.

Brendan Sugrue, Marketing & Membership Coordinator, National Association of Neonatal Nurses

My favorite thing about working in the association industry is the opportunity to wear many hats. Coming out of college a few years ago, I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to do and how I wanted to utilize my degree. The association industry allowed me to work in many different facets, from working with volunteers on an upcoming conference to developing email marketing campaigns for new resources that benefit members. Every day is a new adventure and you really are able to see your work make an impact.

Allison Whitley, Operations Coordinator in AMC’s Professional Relations & Development department

I would say the best things about working for an association are definitely the people and the ability to make a difference to critical industries. The association staff are some of the most service oriented team players, and the industries we support are critical to the medical and trade professions. The work in the association industry helps members’ careers develop and aids in field innovations, while also connecting individuals, thought leaders, and industry with one another. That is rewarding to help facilitate.

Val Good-Turney, Account Administrator, National Frame Building Association and Metal Construction Association

I would say the best thing about working in associations is you really do get to help them “achieve what they believe.” Association leaders are volunteers, so their actions are driven by passion and the desire to expand their industry and that industry’s knowledge base. On another level, I think what’s great is that you get to wear a lot of hats, so to speak, when working with associations. In one day you might be assisting with a membership strategy, planning a conference, organizing meeting and registration logistics, communicating with volunteers, developing sponsorship opportunities, or processing invoices for vendors. You get so much exposure into this developed market, and gain a lot of valuable skills/work experience.

Jennifer Broome, Grant Development Coordinator in AMC’s Professional Relations & Development department

The best thing about working in the association industry would be the diversity of subject areas that you are exposed to. There truly is an association for everything. In my position, I work with multiple associations in several different industries. My day is never the same. One day I’m learning about different drugs that pharmaceutical companies have in their pipeline to assist with pain management. The next day, I’m learning about different safety standards in the post-frame building industry. Before working at AMC, these were industries that I either didn’t know much about or know of their existence.

Karl Kofmehl, Application Developer in AMC’s Information Technology department

Working with non-profit associations is both challenging and rewarding. Innovation and creativity are important to move associations forward while staying on tight budgets. This can be particularly difficult for a young professional. Generally speaking, we bring in new exciting ideas, but can often have difficulty implementing them. It takes hard-work and perseverance to keep up that struggle but the rewards come from the appreciation shown by the members and the relationships forged with colleagues. So if you love a challenge and love working with good people, the association world is calling.

Allison Lundberg, Account Manager, Hospice Medical Director Certification Board

The best thing about working in associations is the people. Not only the culture within the workplace, but also the volunteers within the associations. Our volunteers, members, and customers are extremely passionate about their niche and dedicate a lot of time to bettering their industry. Every time we have a board meeting, the volunteers reaffirm why I work where I do.

Olivia Schmit, Education Administrator, American Association of Neuroscience Nurses and International Transplant Nurses Society

As a young education professional, I never would have pictured myself getting the opportunity to work so closely with passionate nurses. Working with associations allows you use your skill sets in a diverse setting that you might not have been exposed to previously.

Amanda Duski, Meetings Coordinator

The best thing about working in the association industry is the closeness you feel to the end product. The work we do directly impacts the association members and their field, and you can physically see that by looking on their website, attending their annual conference, emailing volunteers, etc. You actually feel like you are making a difference, and that is a unique benefit you can only find in the association industry.