Clay Baznik

Starting at AMC in 2006, Clay has worn many hats and amassed different areas of expertise, from client marketing strategy to customer strategy and engagement to talent development. As the Executive Director of Creative Media Services (CMS), Clay rose to the position of Chief Experience Officer (CXO) from the success of his team’s customer focus, flexibility, and creativity.

As CXO, Clay’s main focus is to foster a customer-intimate approach throughout AMC by supporting the company’s values: reliability, creativity, consistency, and adaptability. As such, he wants to hit home the message that AMC is truly a partner to its clients: AMC develops an understanding of the clients’ needs and objectives and then collaborates with them to find personalized solutions. Five years down the line, Clay wants to continue finding innovative ways to build on AMC’s foundation as a customer-centric company that strives for true partnerships and long-term relationships.

When asked to describe his leadership style, he says that he focuses on hiring the right people who he knows will do the job well and gives them space to grow in their unique skillsets. That way, staff are able to develop as individual professionals, bring more diverse contributions to AMC, and stay engaged in their positions.

Outside of AMC, Clay enjoys running wild with the family Boston terrier Rutledge, renovating his old home, and traveling. A former avid cross country skier, Clay now prefers binge watching the latest Netflix or Prime series to time spent in the frozen outdoors. If you run into him, ask him about his love for David Sedaris and the Chicago Cubs.