Dianne Michael

Dianne Michael is the Executive Director of Operations for AMC. Her areas of responsibiltiy include Member Services (call center), Data Entry (order processing by mail and fax, and data integrity), Registration Services (pre, onsite and post conference registration), and the General Processing Center (mail room, product inventory, record storage, facility management).

Passionate about providing a positive and memorable customer experience, Dianne has established quality assurance standards, targets and goals to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Dianne believes ongoing training and skill development of staff as well as constant monitoring and data analysis for orders and customer satisfaction are key to achieveing success.

Dianne is results driven, and actively involved in evaluating the tools and technology required for success. Partnering with the IT team, Dianne establishes short and long term goals for future software and hardware technology needs.

Dianne’s career started in financial services and spanned over 25 years in a variety of customer focused and operation roles. In 2008, Dianne joined AMC. Dianne holds a bachelor degree in Journalism from Boston University, and an executive graduate certificate from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.