Dionne Wilson, CAE

According to Dionne Wilson, CAE, the key to success is in creating a true partnership—one that is based on trust, respect, and outcomes. Having a clear vision for your association and dedicated volunteers who are passionate about their profession, coupled with experienced association professionals who employ the best association practices, make for a powerful combination.

With more than 17 years of senior management experience, Dionne knows the power of this combination very well. Dionne is a Certified Association Executive, the highest professional credential in the association industry. She has extensive healthcare experience and is known for her commitment to the highest standards of association practices. She is respected in the field for her experience in budgeting and finance, strategic planning, board and committee governance, and project management. She is currently the executive director for the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) and NANN's nurse practitioner division, the National Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (NANNP); and serves as AMC’s executive director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, leading the DEI Advisory Group.

"The members of the boards with which I work are passionate about their professions and understand what it takes to be successful," Dionne says. "It's a bi-directional relationship. We make sure that the organization is using the best association practices known to date, and they offer their knowledge of their field and their members. Combining their knowledge base with our business expertise yields an organization that will undoubtedly be successful."

But every job has its challenges and Dionne cites strategic execution of an organization's goals as one of the biggest challenges of her job. In a world whose landscape is forever changing, it's often difficult for boards to effectively execute their strategic vision for their organizations while still trying to manage the day-to-day demands of their jobs and the association itself. She strives to help her clients stay focused on the big picture and be prepared to change with the landscape rather than reacting to the change.

A self-proclaimed political junkie, Dionne has a keen interest in the interpersonal relationships amongst political leaders and how they work together to resolve conflict and get work done. She also enjoys working with adolescents to offer them guidance as they choose a direction for their future.