John Ozga, CPA MBA

Although he began his career in public accounting years ago, AMC Chief Financial Officer John Ozga’s talents go far beyond numbers. John’s big-picture outlook of financing and budgeting—which centers on systems development, transparency, and comparative analysis or benchmarking—benefits AMC and its clients alike. Since joining AMC in 2007, John has instituted effective processes for

  • allocating staff. A new database now tracks the staff’s actual and forecasted time by client, project, and task. This gives staff the flexibility to reallocate the right amount of time and resources to meet clients’ changing service needs.
  • benchmarking. Internally, benchmarking allows AMC clients to compare how they spend time and resources per member or conference attendee, or by program activity. John also looks to national benchmarking data to help clients improve and find new sources of revenue.
  • pricing. “AMC is committed to providing ‘fee value’ by using best practices, selecting and training talented staff, collaborating on ideas, investing in technology, following sound project management practices, and having robust budgeting and forecasting tools,” John says. “AMC’s fees are annually compared to national data to ensure that they are competitive. At the end of the day, my responsibility is to ensure that we are transparent about how fees are charged to clients.”
  • budgeting. Clients can use an interactive Excel budgeting tool to help them accurately project revenue, costs, and staff time for membership programs, services, and products.
  • forecasting and financial analysis. A real-time analytical reporting system called Bio helps clients forecast trends, analyze and review historical data, and track key operational metrics such as annual conference attendance and membership activity.