Marilyn Jansen

Before joining AMC in 2006, Marilyn Jansen, like many others on the AMC staff, didn't have formal exposure to the business of association management. But when AMC was looking for someone to lead their business development efforts, Marilyn found the perfect niche to apply her 20 years of experience in delivering products and services. Today, as AMC's Director of Business Development, Marilyn couldn't imagine herself anywhere else.

Marilyn oversees the business development effort for both consulting and full-service AMC partnerships. She is a creative and strategic problem solver who also prides herself on being detail oriented and timeline driven. While these skills are critical to winning and maintaining clients, according to Marilyn, adopting AMC's business philosophy of always being willing to give first without expecting anything in return has had the greatest impact on her success.

"The Engles have modeled the value of making time to listen to everyone who approaches AMC with a need—even if AMC can't solve the problem or meet the particular need," Marilyn notes. "By listening and sharing my knowledge and expertise with others in our industry, I'm making an investment in the association community that will reap benefits somehow, if only by making the industry a richer place to engage."

It's through this listening that Marilyn learns the vision, values, and mission of a client and determines whether they align with AMC. She has a knack for making sure the fit between AMC and the client is just right so the partnership will thrive and an environment of mutual trust will evolve. She believes that when there's trust between the staff and the volunteer board, the organization will prosper and achieve its goals. Her genuine enthusiasm about AMC's mission to help clients "Achieve What You Believe" is contagious.

Marilyn is a leader in the association industry and recently received the John C. Thiel Distinguished Service Award presented by of the Association Forum of Chicagoland. She loves networking and sharing her knowledge of the industry with others and particularly enjoys her role as a mentor to three industry professionals.

Marilyn has a successful entrepreneurial background that brings added value to her clients. Her personal experience as a business owner enables her to empathize with volunteer boards that make decisions on behalf of their organizations. She quickly connects with others, which makes her a natural at making sales, marketing, and service innovations on behalf of clients.