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Case Study: Developing a Digital Newsletter

APHON Counts Transitions from Print to Digital


The members of the Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses (APHON) love the quarterly print newsletter APHON Counts, but with rising printing and postage costs, APHON wanted to consider more cost-efficient options. APHON was also facing the problem of newsletters reaching international members too late for them to take advantage of time-sensitive educational events or meet contribution deadlines.


The APHON Counts editorial board, along with the APHON board of directors and staff collaborated with AMC's Creative Media Services (CMS) to revolutionize the way members receive the quarterly newsletter. To meet APHON's need for a more modern but still user-friendly digital piece, CMS used Adobe to create a brand-new digital design that incorporates interactive elements including animation, videos, audio, and the ability to share content on social media in just one click, bringing the pages to life in a way that a print newsletter never could. For members who prefer a print copy, there is even the option to download a PDF version and print it.


The brand-new digital APHON Counts newsletter has been a success since its first issue was released. Members have raved about the new format, design, videos, and ease of use. APHON staff have been able to take advantage of real-time access to analytics, including views, readers, and read time, as well as promote content on social media. Financially, print and postage costs have been eliminated and advertisers have been drawn to the opportunity to post videos ads in the newsletter, creating a new source of revenue.

But the success does not end there. APHON Counts won the Bronze Award for Most Improved Magazine or Journal from Association TRENDS.