Welcome, ABM!

Welcome, ABM!


We are excited to welcome the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) as a client partner. As of February 1, AMC began providing full-service management to ABM, and we look forward to helping them achieve what they believe.

ABM comprises 840 members, physicians and dentists from around the globe, who come together with evidence-based solutions to worldwide breastfeeding challenges. This nonprofit association, founded in 1993, focuses on the nutritional, physiological, and psychological benefits of breastfeeding for both mothers and infants. ABM partners with many other organizations, organizes international conferences, and publishes a peer-reviewed journal, Breastfeeding Medicine, with Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.  

Timothy J. Tobolic, MD FABM, president of ABM, is looking forward to the opportunities that ABM will have with AMC. “With so many members and a global presence, we recognize the benefits of partnering with AMC to support our strategic plan for future growth.”

AMC is pleased to announce that Carly Reisner will serve as ABM’s executive director. A strategic executive with robust experience in association management and the nonprofit industry, Carly is well prepared to guide ABM in achieving its mission and goals. Data-driven and analytical, she empowers volunteer leaders to make effective decisions through careful consideration of factors ranging from diverse audiences to competing priorities. Carly will lead a team of AMC specialists to develop research grant funding tactics, introduce new communication initiatives, and optimize a membership communication management system.

Scott Engle, AMC CEO, is delighted with this partnership. “It’s very evident that ABM is passionate about helping infants, mothers, and families benefit from breastfeeding. With their global membership, ABM will continue its support, protection, and promotion of breastfeeding, and AMC is proud to serve that mission.”

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