"Recruit the Right Board" Offers a Research-Proven Guide for Developing a High-Performing Board

"Recruit the Right Board" Offers a Research-Proven Guide for Developing a High-Performing Board


AMC Principal Mark Engle, DM FASAE CAE, has released a new book titled Recruit the Right Board: Proven Processes for Selecting Critical Competencies. Written with researcher Will Brown, PhD, of Texas A&M University, from their ground-breaking ASAE Foundation governance research, Recruit the Right Board explores case studies of associations with high-functioning boards of directors, identifies the competencies needed for highly effective board members, and provides a detailed framework for how to select the right board members to optimize performance.

With templates, guidelines, and matrices that are customizable for any association, this resource will benefit any organization that wants to build and nurture a high-performing and successful board.  Recruit the Right Board made its debut at the ASAE 2019 Annual Conference.

Recruit the Right Board Cover

According to Mark, “Healthy and effective governance in an organization should be liberating and empowering, propelling an organization forward. I’m honored to have the research Will and I conducted developed into a resource that will empower boards to reach their organizational goals through better board performance. From our research, we created a formula of competencies for ensuring a board is high performing and healthy along with tools that easily can be customized to help any board perform optimally.”

Mark is a frequent author, speaker, researcher, and consultant on board governance and high-performing organizations. He is a faculty member of ASAE’s Exceptional Boards program, has participated in more than 300 board meetings, served on 6 boards of directors, earned the Samuel Shapiro Award for Outstanding CEO at the Association Forum of Chicagoland, and been inducted into the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

Mark received his doctorate in management from Case Western Reserve University, where he conducted a dissertation on “The Strategic Decision-Making Process of the Board and its Impact on Decision Outcomes,” and has published numerous articles and white papers on board governance. He is a fellow of the American Society of Association Executives and the Mandel Center for Nonprofit Leadership (Case Western Reserve University) and is a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer. Using research-based data, he provides board governance and performance solutions to associations through AMC Consulting Services.

Recruit the Right Board is a print publication that may be purchased on the ASAE website at https://bit.ly/2yWYSFn.

Additionally, ASAE members may download a free 20-page PDF excerpt called Building Better Association Boards: Advancing Performance through Nomination, Recruitment, and Selection Processes that summarizes key findings from the ground-breaking studies of the new book at https://bit.ly/2ZYk8pY.