Effective Offboarding for Past Board Leaders

Effective Offboarding for Past Board Leaders

By Steve Smith and Dave Bergeson

Many organizations have a structured onboarding program for new board members. But, significantly fewer have an effective program for transitioning leaders off of the board.

Past board leaders have a wealth of experiences and insights that can be a significant benefit to the organizations they’ve served. But, they can also wield a great deal of influence after they’ve transitioned away from a leadership role.

How then can associations and professional societies ensure a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with their past leaders?

In this vlog, AMC CEO Steve Smith and Vice President of Client Success Dave Bergeson share key considerations when a volunteer leader transitions off the board, including

  • The opportunities and challenges with former leaders who transition off the board
  • Effective and ineffective offboarding practices
  • How past leaders should be engaged in their organizations.


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