Strategic Planning: Is it still relevant post-COVID?

Strategic Planning: Is it still relevant post-COVID?

By Susan Farrell Stock and Debbie Trueblood

Strategic planning was the gold standard for associations pre-pandemic, helping to recalibrate and define the future goals, direction, and vision for the organization. 

But as the association space continues to evolve post-pandemic, is strategic planning still relevant today?

And what should organizations consider when engaging in strategic planning?

In this vlog, AMC COO Sue Farrell Stock and Senior Consultant Debbie Trueblood share insights on strategic planning for associations and non-profits, including

  • Is strategic planning still relevant for associations in today’s ever-evolving environment?
  • Are there risks or benefits to the organization’s CEO or executive director facilitating strategic planning?
  • What should associations consider when selecting an outside consultant for strategic planning?
  • What is the one critical piece that is missing from many strategic plans?



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