Debbie Trueblood to Present Ethics Session at Holiday Showcase

Debbie Trueblood to Present Ethics Session at Holiday Showcase


AMC Senior Consultant Debbie Trueblood will join Association Forum President and CEO Artesha Moore in presenting the session "Ethics Avengers Assemble!" on November 30 at Association Forum’s Holiday Showcase. 

Using Marvel as a framework, Debbie and Artesha will show how our heroes teach us about the ethics of true leadership, focusing their session on the cross-section of ethics and justice, equity, diversity, inclusion (JEDI), and accessibility. 

Marvel shows a diverse assembly of heroes from Black Panther to Shang Chi, Ms. Marvel to Professor X. Each one teaches a lesson in ethics that can be applied to association roles. In the 2022 revision of the ASAE Code of Ethics, association professionals are now expected to “Champion Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” as a part of their ethical behavior. These super-hero champions can show us just how to live by the Code.

Learn more about this session and Holiday Showcase.

About Debbie Trueblood
Debbie Trueblood, MSW IOM CAE FASAE, has more than 20 years of leadership experience within the association management space, serving as an executive director for multiple healthcare and professional associations and holding various volunteer leadership positions, including chair of Association Forum’s Welcoming Environment Committee, member of the ASAE Executive Management Council, and past chair of the ASAE Ethics Committee, a role in which she led the team to publish a national ethics toolkit for associations.

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