AI: Risky Business for Associations?

AI: Risky Business for Associations?

By Steve Smith and Hans Zetterstrom

AI has the power to significantly shape how associations operate and engage members, enabling them to do more faster and with fewer resources than ever before.

While there are benefits for associations that use AI, there are risks and potentials for harm as well. With new tools being added weekly and the very nature of AI teaching itself by the content users provide, it opens the door to data privacy and intellectual property risks for organizations.

How can associations use the benefits of AI while avoiding the risk?

In the vlog below, Steve Smith, CEO of AMC, and Hans Zetterstrom, technology strategist, discuss the impact of AI on associations and best practices for usage.

They answer questions including

  • How does AI impact the way associations operate?
  • What should associations be concerned about when using AI?
  • Why is a good governance policy critical for associations who use AI?
  • What are best practices for using AI effectively and safely?
  • How can AI be used to create new ways of engaging with members?



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