6 Ways to Leverage Your Career Center for Brand Building

6 Ways to Leverage Your Career Center for Brand Building

By Allison Whitley, Operations Coordinator, AMC Professional Relations & Development team

In 2015, more than 142,000 users visited the career centers of AMC’s client organizations. Of those 142,000 impressions, how many could potentially have been new visitors to the career center, thus providing an opportunity to build your brand during a professional’s first exposure to your organization?

Follow the below tips to make sure your organization’s brand is fully leveraged in this first impression.

1. Post a banner ad for your membership/conference.

Banner ads are prime advertising spots in the middle of the job feed, available to employers as an upsell to their job posting. But you too can take advantage of them. Put your organization’s branding directly into the job feed itself by posting a web banner to gather visibility from career center visitors.

2. Add your organization’s certification as a credential under the Candidate profile builder for job seekers.

Candidates fill out a thorough profile when completing their account on the Career Center, and your organization’s certification should be a part of the checklist when updating that information. Not only will this allow you to gather some insight on your certification’s market impact, but if that candidate does not have the certification, they could be prompted to ask themselves ‘Should this be something I need to have?’ On the flip side, employers posting jobs on your career center are also filling out requirements for their open position, so be sure your organization’s certification is listed as a check mark for potential candidates.

3. Use candidates as lead generation, or cross promote your organization’s products.

Use the data at your fingertips. Candidates sending resumes from your organization’s career center save their contact information in the job seeker portal. From email to education level, all of this data is captured and accessed through your career center’s admin portal. This information can be membership lead generation gold. Since candidates visiting your career center are already somehow vested into your niche industry, a simple prospect marketing message targeted to these candidates could be all it takes to convert that random career center visitor into a member if they are in your target demographic.

4. Promote your career center as a tool for professional development.

The career center can serve as an introduction to your organization to those new to the industry. You can open the door to potential new members by promoting your organization as a key to the industry for students and job searching platforms. How did this candidate find or come across your career center? Can you become more visible at these ‘introduction’ points or find other potential points?

5. Consolidate your career development services or career profiles on the career center landing page.

The landing page is the map to access all the career center pages, and is often devoid of any other content beyond those links. If your association offers career services or any kind of professional recognition, make it easy for a candidate visiting the career center to see that your organization can offer them more opportunities to grow within their profession.

6. Include employers on occasional promotions.

Facilities searching for candidates may not be aware that your organization supports the people they want to hire. Target your marketing message to this group of employers to educate them about your offerings, and encourage them to engage with your organization through exhibiting, advertising opportunities, or by hiring candidates with the certification your organization offers.

By using these six simple tips, your organization will be better positioned for success in engaging both those new to your career center, as well as those regular users who regularly come back.

Allison Whitley serves as an operations coordinator in AMC’s Professional Relations & Development department. In her role, she manages the relationships between AMC’s client organizations and career center vendor, providing value and expertise. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..