Carly Reisner

As CEO for the American Pain Society, Carly Reisner has always had a soft spot in her heart for pain treatment. She’s been a chronic pain patient for over two decades. Therefore, building a team of passionate employees is all part of her personal and professional goal: to help medical professionals and scientists on their quests in research, theories, and practice to make a positive impact in the world of pain medicine.

Carly has her bachelor’s degree from DePaul in Public Communication and Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She reached her current position through working her way up and being fearless in facing challenges. She started at AMC as an operations manager, using and augmenting her experience in program development and data analysis from her nonprofit and association management background. In her professional career, Carly is most proud of being a steward for the creation of partnerships that generated revenue and enable APS to give small grants for budding scientists and large grants to support senior faculty in the development of innovative treatments.

Besides her relevant experience, Carly’s directness and transparency translate well into her leadership style. She handpicks her team members for their skills and strengths, yet encourages them to explore projects beyond simply their job descriptions. “I lead with a sense of ‘people first, employees second,’” she explains. This leadership style is reflected in practicing gratitude and meditation with her team members, as well as encouraging them to be transparent and honest at work, creating an open environment for sharing one’s personal roadblocks. She is excited by the energy of the early career members of her team.

Like any mindful and perceptive leader, Carly recognizes the challenges that APS faces today and in the future. In 5 years, she would like APS to hold onto its values while fostering flexibility as the needs of the members of APS change. In the meantime, you can catch Carly hanging out with her husband and playing with their dogs Cashmere and Penny Lane or immersing herself in a compelling narrative.