AMC Consulting to the Rescue

AMC Consulting to the Rescue

By Maggie Patterson

“911, what’s your emergency?”

Do you ever feel like you need help to douse the flames of declining membership? Stabilize seismic activity altering your organization’s strategic priorities? Ebb the flood of new projects? Resuscitate product sales? Calling 911 may be a bit dramatic, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that there is an objective responder out there who has the resources and expertise to work with you to develop solutions to help your association achieve healthy outcomes? Thankfully, AMC Consulting Services can help.

Let me connect you with a consultant.

There are many reasons for engaging a consultant, particularly if you are struggling with any of these challenges. A consultant’s role is to address a specific need while providing a fresh, objective perspective. Consultants also serve to increase your organization’s bandwidth by lending their experience and skill to deal with situational challenges that arise during the normal course of your association’s day-to-day activities.

Consultants have the cure for what ails you.

Partnering with an AMC consultant is the perfect prescription when you need objective, data-driven, and cost-effective results. We can

  • generate ideas to solve problems that many associations face, such as the competitive landscape, growth and retention issues, and leadership development
  • provide an extra set of hands to supplement staff
  • leverage our decades of experience to develop measurable, results-oriented solutions
  • identify process improvements
  • advise on how to refocus resources to optimize results.

Remember, help is just around the corner.

As a project manager for AMC’s Consulting Services, I’ve had the opportunity to work with several internal and external clients seeking guidance to advance strategic priorities. Whether it’s managing a special project, providing subject-matter expertise, adding a fresh perspective, or just offering up that extra set of hands, our approach focuses on diagnosing the client’s problem and developing data-driven strategies to achieve measurable, results-oriented outcomes.

Using “Strategic Reports” is one way we help our clients transform data into action. Incorporating past transactional data with collected demographics, we develop targeted marketing campaigns to rejuvenate the life of a product. Our clients have seen dust fly off their inventory shelves only to be replaced with increased sales revenue. Market research studies are another important service that we provide. These studies have been instrumental in guiding an organization’s decision to either table or develop new programs and products. And we are introducing the concepts of Daniel Burrus’ Anticipatory Organization (AO) into the strategic planning process, enabling associations to plan outside the traditional 3-year window by anticipating changes that are fueled by trends based on future fact or influence. We are currently facilitating a refresh of a strategic plan, incorporating the AO model, for an external technical association.

Connect with an AMC Consultant.

When thinking about how a consultant can provide value to your organization, consider what you need to achieve your goal and if you possess the know-how, time, and resources. If not, it’s time to get some relief. Call a consultant at AMC.

Maggie Patterson is the manager of marketing and project management for AMC’s Consulting Services.