Welcome, ACAAM and ABAM

Welcome, ACAAM and ABAM


We are proud to announce our new partnership with the American College of Academic Addiction Medicine (ACAAM) and the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM). As of January 1, AMC began providing management services to ACAAM and ABAM.

Founded in 2007, ACAAM’s mission is to develop and support addiction medicine fellowship programs, faculty, and fellows at academic medical institutions and treatment centers across the United States. There are currently 81 addiction medicine fellowship programs recognized and accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), with more programs in development.

Established in 2007, ABAM’s missnding number of physicians in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of substance related disorders.

“We are honored to partner with ACAAM and ABAM,” says Steve Smith, MS CAE FAAMSE, CEO of AMC. “ACAAM is well known for its integrity and objectivity and has been crucial in supporting the education of physicians who are addressing the devastating disease of addiction. We look forward to leveraging AMC’s experience nurturing the growth of healthcare and scientific associations to help them build on their success.”

The ACAAM and ABAM staff team at AMC will be led by executive director Bruce Hammond, CAE. Since joining AMC in 2013, Hammond has held several senior positions and provided exemplary operational and board leadership, most recently as the executive director of the Hospice Medical Director Certification Board. He is also active in the association community, having served as chair of several Association Forum working groups and SIGs, including the Forum Magazine Editorial Working Group, the CAE Working Group, and the Communication SIG.

“We are pleased to partner with AMC, working closely with Mr. Hammond as our new executive director. AMC’s experience with physician organizations and strategic leadership will facilitate the growth of academic addiction medicine. By increasing the capacity and number of Addiction Medicine fellowship programs, more patients, families, and communities affected by addiction will have access to prevention and treatment of substance use disorders,” says Martha J. Wunsch, MD FAAP DFSAM, president of ACAAM.

About Association Management Center (AMC)

AMC is a trusted partner to 26 leading national and international associations with a staff of more than 175 association professionals. We provide strategic guidance to boards and volunteers and oversee day-to-day operations, making it possible for our client partners to realize their missions and achieve their goals. We specialize in serving healthcare and science associations, establishing trusted, long-lasting relationships that help our association partners evolve and grow. To learn more about how AMC helps its clients achieve their missions, please visit http://connect2amc.com/.

About the American College of Academic Addiction Medicine (ACAAM)

Two landmark events brought the field into mainstream medicine and health care: the addiction medicine examination transitioned in 2017 to the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) member board, the American Board of Preventive Medicine (now the administrative entity examining and certifying addiction medicine physicians); and ACGME began the first accreditations of addiction medicine fellowships in 2018. Additional fellowships are being accredited and a list of the current addiction fellowship programs can be found here. The very minimal number of ACGME fellowships needed to meet the projected need for addiction medicine physicians is 125. ACAAM and its supporting organizations intend to meet or exceed this objective within the next 3 years. For more information, please visit www.acaam.org.

About the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM)

Established in 2007, ABAM is the nation’s first medical specialty board that certifies addiction medicine physicians across a range of medical specialties, setting standards for physician education, assessing physicians’ knowledge, and tracking life-long education. For more information, visit https://www.abam.net/.

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