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The Case for an Internal Communications Team

By Danielle Leber

Any company can benefit from clear, consistent communication with its staff. But when you have 40 client and service teams serving 30+ associations under the same roof, the need becomes even more pronounced. That’s why AMC endeavored to create an internal communications team that could unify the company’s messaging and bring staff together.

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New Podcast Hosted by Steve Smith and Christina Rowe Offers Advice for Growing a Career in the Association Field


AMC is pleased to announce the release of a new podcast focusing on career development in the association industry. Created in partnership with The Collaborative, a coaching, consulting, and education partner for associations. “Conversations by Association,” is a first-of-its-kind podcast that offers guidance and best practices from successful association and nonprofit professionals about career pathways, career advancement, mentoring, leadership, risk taking, job transitions, and leadership tracks. This professional development resource is ideal for anyone working in the association field who wants to advance their career or for those who just want to know more about the industry in general.

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Leveraging the Strength of 30+ Clients with Shared Interest & User Groups

By Megan Drumm

Access to a community of like-minded professionals and subject matter experts is an expected and valued benefit of association membership. Here at AMC, nearly every client partner has some kind of solution in place to ensure that association leadership groups and members can connect to share best practices and solicit feedback, and the same goes for AMC employees themselves. More than a dozen AMC Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and User Groups (UGs) serve as the conduit for AMC staff members so they can collaborate, ask questions, share expertise, and ultimately solve problems for our clients and their own career development.

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Connections and Fresh Perspectives

By Megan Toal

Five months into my new job, I was ecstatic to help plan, execute, and MC at AMC’s Spring Connections, an annual meeting for all staff to have a chance to connect and hear from a speaker. Even though I was a first-timer and had one of the freshest perspectives on Connections, everyone can glean something from what we learned. Just like a good back-to-basics refresher course, a new perspective is something that everyone can take on a familiar event. That’s why we have Connections: it’s meant for everyone.

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