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Becoming an Anticipatory Organization

By Susan Farrell Stock

Change and the disruption it often creates is inevitable in the association world. But, how can associations harness the potential change brings and not get lost in the chaos it creates? The answer, according to Daniel Burrus, is by becoming an anticipatory organization (AO). A leading futurist on global trends and innovation, Burrus is the author of The Anticipatory Organization: Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage, which offers strategies for how organizations can transition from a reactionary to an anticipatory mindset so change creates opportunity and advancement, not chaos.  

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Are You an Effective Board Member?

By Mark Engle

If you’ve ever conducted an initiative to improve your organization, you know how important it is to track your results. Without data—whether it is quantitative, such as likes on a Facebook post, or qualitative, such as member testimonials—it’s impossible to know what is working and, perhaps more importantly, what is not.

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How Can You Tell if Your Marketing Efforts are Working?

By Caryn Odenbach

You put a lot of work into marketing your association’s conference, products, and membership benefits. But do you know if anyone is receiving your message? Or more importantly, do you know if anyone is taking action because of your marketing pieces? No matter what your campaign is focused on, you must first identify your goals and the metrics you will track to gauge your success. Before you think about a rebrand or new product strategy, you can make some quick, helpful changes to your marketing efforts that don’t require a ton of staff resources.

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