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Customer Service: More Than a Friendly Voice

By Andrea Dodd

What Words Come to Mind When You Think of ‘Member Services’?

Friendly? Helpful? Understanding?

The frontline of any association, member services representatives (MSRs) have the ability to positively or negatively affect how customers and members view an association. Though considered “soft skills,” being friendly, helpful, and understanding are in fact crucial for those who interact with an association’s membership. However, a truly successful member services representative also needs to have technical skills and association industry knowledge to truly serve its membership.

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Top 10 Tips


In the past couple of years, thought leaders at AMC have written broadly on a number of resources for associations and the professionals who work with them. As we near and prepare for 2019, let’s take a look back on our 10 most popular posts and tips:

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It’s a Green Revolution!

By Rita Wirth

Being environmentally conscious and creating a sustainable footprint is a global concern, but how easy is it really for organizations to adopt “greener” practices? Pretty easy as it turns out. Small, simple-to-implement habits can have a big impact and lead to a healthier and more sustainable workplace and Earth.

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