Wendy-Jo Toyama and Hans Zetterstrom to Speak at AMCI Conference

Wendy-Jo Toyama and Hans Zetterstrom to Speak at AMCI Conference


Senior leaders Wendy-Jo Toyama and Han Zetterstrom will be sharing their expertise on data-based decision-making for associations and boards at the AMCI AMC’s Engaged Conference on July 20.

Exceptional boards make data-based decisions, and AMCs need to consider how to help their clients make sense of their data.

In their session titled "Creating a Lean Data Analytics Approach," Wendy-Jo and Hans will review an approach for BI and data analytics from two sides: the client and the AMC. Data analytics projects can be costly for an association to afford alone; an AMC accesses economies of scale across multiple clients to offer cost-effective solutions.

Wendy-Jo will provide the client chief staff executive perspective by sharing how the team evaluated program needs and staffing to create a data analytics position. In parallel, from his point of view as AMC CIO, Hans will share how they are developing a multi-phased lean approach to the collection, transformation, and storage of data to make effective decisions and bring additional insight from overall available industry data.

About the Speakers

WJToyama 100Wendy-Jo Toyama , MBA CAE FASAE, is the CEO and executive director of AAHPM. She has more than 25 years of association management experience, serving in numerous senior leadership roles, and is known for her drive to innovate positive change and growth in the association community. An active volunteer, Wendy is a member of the ASAE Research Foundation Research Committee, past chair for the ASAE Diversity + Inclusion Committee, and secretary for the National Coalition for Hospice and Palliative Care.

Zetterstrom Hans 100Hans Zetterstrom, MSc, is CIO at AMC. He has more than 20 years of experience in strategy, solution design, product development, and business growth through innovation. An accomplished leader, he excels at developing highly effective partnerships across an organization and with external partners to help organizations achieve their goals and succeed at the highest level.

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