Jeff Henry, MBA CAE

It's no surprise that Jeff Henry enjoys reading books about leaders. He's gained valuable knowledge and insight into what it takes to be a strong leader and has put much of this wisdom to work in his own career.

Jeff's career has been primarily in association management, which explains his passion and deep respect for associations. This passion is further underscored by his designation as a Certified Association Executive (CAE), a title earned by less than 5% of association professionals. As executive director of the International Staple, Nail, and Tool Association, and Metal Construction Association, Jeff's extensive association experience and strong leadership skills join forces to provide the strategic direction both organizations need to maintain and strengthen their position in the industry.

Although the building industry faces many challenges in this economy, Jeff sees these challenges as opportunities, not obstacles. He's always looking for new ways to help his client create alliances with new businesses and manufacturers and build and strengthen relationships with members and other allied associations.

Jeff admires his team's enthusiasm and level of commitment to tackling any challenge that comes their way. "We have a very energetic team with many different perspectives," Jeff says. "My job is to empower them to develop programs and services that advance the goals of the association and that provide our membership with exceptional professional development opportunities."

Jeff previously was the managing director of the United States Bowling Congress, which might explain why one of his favorite hobbies is bowling. An avid bow hunter, Jeff also loves being outdoors. However, according to Jeff, spending time with his daughter definitely earns the top spot on his list of favorite things to do outside of work.