Leah Zamora, CAE

As vice president of client success, Leah Zamora, CAE, oversees and manages AMC's relationship with our association clients, ensuring the development of business growth strategies, the delivery of service excellence, and the overall achievement of their strategic objectives. 

Along with her role as vice president, Leah also serves as the executive director of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN), American Board of Neuroscience Nursing (ABNN), and the Agnes Marshall Walker Foundation (AMWF). With an extensive background in nonprofit management, she helped launch AMWF in 2013 and is proud to have guided the foundation in growing from giving 16 grants in the first year to more than 40 grants annually.

Besides working with AMWF and ABNN, Leah helps AANN expand its membership, specialty areas, and new products in the learning management system, and supports the members’ vision for the organization. She has managed the annual tri-board meeting where the Board of Directors for AANN, ABNN, and AMWF meet to discuss their vision for the year and the profession of neuroscience nursing. She looks forward to these organizations delving further into the neurosciences specialty areas of epilepsy, spine, and pediatrics. As she puts it, “if the staff are successful, the clients are successful.”

Due to her extensive experience volunteering, Leah specializes in strengthening relationships between volunteers and leadership teams. She takes a hands-off approach with her team, empowering them to have individual agency and encourages them to grow while remaining available for questions and guidance. Leah eagerly faces the new challenges and responsibilities of her role with bold determination.

Outside of AMC, Leah is very proud to have served and supported numerous non-profit organizations. She enjoys outdoor activities with her family and likes to remain up-to-date on contemporary and political hot topics by reading and listening to podcasts.