Mike Norbut, MBA MSJ

Mike Norbut, vice president of business development, has had a winding and interesting career that’s led him to AMC. Starting as a journalist for sports, he made his way into writing about health, medicine, and physicians and practice management consultants, where he learned that he wanted to be involved in making peoples’ lives better. Prior to joining AMC in early 2019, he worked at an association consulting firm for nearly eleven years in several roles, including vice president.

Though he started his career in writing, Mike certainly has a soft spot for associations. “I firmly believe in the work that we do, and I love the fact that we are changing lives for the better because we are working for mission-driven organizations,” he said. He likes that associations serve and improve the lives of professionals, who in turn improve the lives of others and are doing something good for all of society. Additionally, he really appreciates the integrity of people in the association industry and how they actively work to make the world a better place.

A collaborative worker and avid listener, Mike prefers to listen to all sides of a given situation, gather opinions, discuss options openly, and carefully consider all options to find the best solutions. Having coached his daughters’ sports teams, he brings a lot of leadership techniques from the field to the office. He wants his work to speak to the integrity of his efforts, as well as the integrity of association workers that he admires.  He aims to help associations grow without jeopardizing their missions, their employees, and the people whose lives they want to improve. He strives to be a trustworthy source of advice, support, and service, both within AMC and in the broader association community.

When he’s not at AMC, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, golfing, going to concerts, coaching, and writing for the Association Forum’s editorial working group.