Sarah Bilissis

Sarah Bilissis, executive director for the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers (AAHID) and director of operations for the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM), has a strong background in the association industry, having worked with two association management firms prior to joining AMC in 2008. Calm, level-headed, and focused, Sarah believes in listening to her clients’ needs to create an optimal strategic plan to produce the best possible organizational outcomes.

Sarah is proud of building a very cohesive, trusting core team of just eight people. She strongly believes in fostering collaborative relationships through a respectful leadership style that incorporates open communication and an element of fun. Always striving for preparedness, she makes anticipated (and even unanticipated) challenges known to give enough time to plan and meet goals, regardless of obstacles.

Recognizing that no one is exempt from physical pain, Sarah is aware that her work contributes to improving the lives of everyone. While that notion comes across easily in working with AAPM, she also realizes that her work with AAHID does the same because healthcare interior design has a significant impact on efficiency, comfort, and patient safety. She is passionate about her work positively impacting healthcare treatment.

When she’s not at AMC, Sarah enjoys spending time outside: swimming, snowboarding, or practicing yoga. She is a frequent traveler and enjoys going to concerts and festivals.