AMC19 association management

Association Management

Strategic Executive Leadership

To provide the best leadership, we offer our client partners an executive who leads their staff team and is the main conduit with our partner’s board of directors. These seasoned executive directors spend the majority of their time on strategy rather than administration, allowing them to provide high-level strategic guidance to the boards.


AMC offers extensive expertise in developing and managing certification and certificate programs. Our skilled professionals will help your certification programs thrive by

  • creating and building certification bodies
  • developing programs
  • overseeing the testing company
  • assisting with exam development
  • administering the application process for prospective and renewing certificants
  • gaining accreditation for certification programs.

Conference and Tradeshow Management

Our experience in all areas of domestic and international conference and tradeshow management ensures client event success. We can negotiate contracts, secure corporate support prior to the event, handle guest registration, and manage logistics while onsite and post-event follow up.

Corporate Relations

Securing nondues revenue continues to be a top priority for many associations looking to diversify their revenue stream. AMC’s Professional Relations and Development team secures corporate support by creating mutually beneficial relationships between corporations and our client partners in a variety of ways. This support comes in the form of

  • exhibits and sponsorships
  • educational grants
  • advertising
  • other targeted opportunities.

Our philosophy is to truly understand our clients’ needs and potential sponsors’ goals and then to build productive successful long-term relationships.


We have considerable experience designing, implementing, and evaluating educational programs. From informing and instructing members at live events to developing and implementing distance-learning opportunities, our staff is poised to help associations develop and manage their educational offerings and leverage them for revenue growth. We offer continuing education provider accreditation and reaccreditation management, and all of our educational programs strictly adhere to continuing education accreditation criteria.

Financial Management and Accounting

Transparency and internal controls are our top priorities for financial management and administration. Our fully integrated infrastructure uses near-real-time data to assist executive boards in their strategic decision-making. We maintain strong relationships with well-established banks, and our client partners work with a select group of trusted investment advisors to develop investment strategies. AMC’s finance staff will efficiently manage your organization’s day-to-day financial operations and maximize cash flow by

  • analyzing financial transactions
  • implementing cost-control initiatives and operational audits
  • providing timely financial reporting and analysis
  • developing budgets and forecasts
  • using Lock box systems
  • ensuring timely member billing
  • implementing effective collection practices. 

Foundation Support and Fundraising

From starting foundations to managing an existing foundation’s day-to-day operations, we have the experience to create sustained success on your behalf. Our staff assists foundations in becoming incorporated, developing and managing their boards and finances, and provides an effective plan to engage donors and create long-term success.

Government Relations and Advocacy

Our government relations specialists will provide you with expert advice, ensure your organization stands prepared to meet policy challenges, and help you advocate for policies that benefit your members and your field. We can help you at any stage of your activities—from setting up an advocacy program to complementing the working relationships you have established with full-time lobbying firms. We develop strategic connections with other groups whose interests may align with yours, amplifying your members' voices in the policy debate.

Marketing and Communications

Our expertise in marketing and communications spans a variety of disciplines. We help our client partners establish marketing plans; develop and manage brand assets; write, edit, and design their publications and websites; develop media and public relations strategies; and analyze market research. 

Membership Development

Using established and effective strategies, we assist client partners in membership growth and engagement and developing products and services to meet member needs. 


We offer a range of technology and website development services. We build client websites with e-commerce functionality, provide integrated systems for data collection and analysis, manage community platforms to allow members to connect and engage, and maintain an infrastructure with business and system continuity on our clients’ behalf.