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IT Expertise

Our Information Technology (IT) team helps client teams understand the best approaches and options to make an immediate impact for our clients, and regularly invests in enhancements to our systems and infrastructure to accommodate ever-changing client and employee needs. Our information technology specialists also work to keep client websites and data secure by anticipating and blocking threats and system security breaches.

Application Development

Creating custom applications for system integration (e.g., ensuring a website interacts with our association management software and other systems) is a key need for associations today. Our IT team helps develop custom applications, allowing our partners to easily access real-time data to make business decisions.

Business and System Continuity 

Our technology infrastructure is built with multiple redundancies, failover protection, virtualized servers, and more to ensure high uptime and a continuity of the systems that our clients need to operate in a technology-driven world. We continuously monitor and upgrade our systems, ensuring high quality for our clients. 

Business Intelligence 

At AMC, our clients have access to their data to make the most effective decisions. These business intelligence tools, which include dashboards and widgets, allow for access to the data important to our client Boards. This data can be easily analyzed and shared through customized reports.

Internal Infrastructure Support 

Our onsite help desk provides timely service to ensure our client staff has efficient, effective tools to be creative and productive in their work. This allows client staff teams to utilize their time to help clients achieve their missions. 

Website Development

Our approach to website development includes a close collaboration between our creative media services and information technology teams. This collaboration allows for an integrated approach to creating a site that is both visually appealing and functional to meet the needs of its end users. 

Customized Reports 

Our IT team has the ability to generate custom reports to meet the unique data analysis needs of our partners.